Friday 5 April 2019

Extra Edge To Casual Look: The Myra Shirt Dress

Hi Lovelies!
Been a while, right? I vouched to make more posts this year but in all honesty, it’s not been as easy as it seems. I get increased responsibly as the day passes by. But not to worry, I hope to come around more often this time (lol😳😳😳… promise and fail affair this time) 

So I have been working on a collection, a very interesting one titled “Mother Earth”; being that the pieces in this collection have been inspired by natural and traditional treasures.
As always, I’ve embraced the African heritage by using unique and very artistic African Wax prints in warm to cool, earth and nature inspired colors; then a ‘little touch’ of bright colors

On the Hot-list, is this ‘feel-good’ Myra Shirt Dress.  You could switch it up with heels or keep it simple and effortless with flats; the choice is yours. But either ways, you are game-on and your casual/evening/weekend dates are perfect. This shirt dress easy silhouette makes it the perfect chill date night or casual outing pick. 

I hope to share as much of these amazing pieces here with you.
Feed your eyes 

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Optional inner wear - the short and a camisole

I will appreciate a feedback from you using the comment section.
Thanks for stopping by. Xoxo

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