Monday 31 December 2018

No Lemonade; Made A Sumptous Bitter Leaf Soup With Bitter Leaf Given To Me By People

Talk about making LEMONADE out of LEMON……I want to bring this closer as I hardly even see lemons in Lagos (lol). What I have done is to make a sumptuous Ofe Onugbu(Bitter Leaf Soup) with Bitter Leaf people handed over to me. Its a few hours to 2019, so maybe more reason I want to drop this post here.

See don’t mind my grammar, just try and flow with the point I am trying to make here. For me eee! FB is a platform where people network, sometimes learn, make new friend, get info about happenings around the world right? If this is really true then someone may learn one or two things from this post.

In my opinion, there are no wicked bosses (heeheehee! Don’t kii me yet, just continue reading, you will understand why I said this). I said this because I am a living example of what it meant to work under someone who for reasons not clear to me hated me so much (contradictory right?…just keep reading). But I have also learnt that people may hate you for the fault of yours…it could be because of your guts, your potentials, they consider you competition………..

Has it occurred to you that when people are wicked or hard on you, they are usually “Pencil/tool in the hand of your creator”? “They are nothing but tools with which God want to use to make you find your purpose in life”. The problem is (and I was also guilty of this), we are usually too bitter, angry, heartbroken and devastated to understand that some “wicked actions” meted on us by our friends, bosses (whoever) are meant to make us feel uncomfortable in our comfort zone, thereby causing desire for a change in life? Don’t let anger or bitterness becloud you from making the most of your experiences.


See ee!, if that wicked boss decide to post you to a remote branch of your office just to make you suffer, look around you, something amazing awaits you there. If he/she decides to remove you from a certain position and put you in a redundant position, look around you something amazing awaits you by the corner. All you need is a quick self search. 

Most times, journey to attaining your purpose in life lies within some not so palatable experiences. Or have you forgotten the saying ……, “every disappointment is a blessing in disguise”. 
Did you know every life experience is designed to mould us. You either let yourself get broken or you learn for your experience. 
Did you know some pains occur to teach us and stretch our hidden strength. 
Did you know most unplanned exit lead to the next level. 
Did you know it is preferred to build bridges with stones thrown at you instead of building walls… building bridges you create avenue for yourself to move away or move on to the next level of your life, but by building walls, you barricade yourself, your potentials.

Never let your disappointment distract you from your goal or distort your mind. The more someone wants to pull you down, the more focus you should be on finding your purpose in life. At the end of the day, you are who you decide to be (irrespective of what challenges or stones that might have been thrown at you). Life is a battle field. Do not be defeated (physically, spiritual, physiological, name them). Strong is he/she who draws strength from within. If God lives in man, then the greatest source of strength comes from within (from God). Everyone around you may disappoint you but you must not disappoint yourself.

I have not told you my story yet, but see eeee!!! I’m a living example of someone who made a sumptuous Ofe Onugbu(Bitter Leaf Soup) with Bitter Leaf given to me.

Will be in 2019 in a few hours, see eee! Stop sympathy appeal and find YOURSELF.
Love from Ama
Happy New Year In A Few Hours.

Thanks for stopping by. Xoxo

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